How to write a Rationale

4M English B Standard Level

Not only in today’s task you will have to write a rationale, but also in your written assignment which is the first IB Official External Assessment that we will be carrying out this year (it is also your first school examl!!!!)

Therefore, it is important that before writing one, you know what a rationale is. So…

What is a rationale?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, rationale is ” an explanation of controlling principles of opinion, belief, practice, or phenomena”. When writing a rationale, you need to say what your wrote, how and why.

If you still find it too difficult to write the rationale for your Written Assignment, you can use the following structure:

Paragraph 1: what were you trying to do (tone, purpose, audience to reach?)
Paragraph 2: How did you try to do that…give examples from your piece.
Paragraph 3: How did you connect to your topic option?…

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The last class before the summative test


Click on the following links to practice this grammar structure

Read the following text about Chiloé’s Mithology and then, answer the questions.

Wine Portfolio: Chile winery and museum

1.- What does Carlos Cardoen say about the concentration of vineyards?

a) It is unique in the country

b) It is unique in the world

c) It is unique in the valley

d) It is unique in America

2.- The quality of the wine seems to be something that is accepted as:

a) One of the best in the country

b) One of the best in the world

c) One of the best attributes in the country

d) One of the best in the Valley

3.- What country is the biggest competitor?

a) France

b) Argentina

c) The U.S.A.

d) It is not mentioned

4.- Where was Carlos Cardoen born?

a) In Argentina

b) In Santiago

c) In the Colchagua Valley

d) North of Colchagua Valley

5.- Where did people advise Carlos to establish the museum?

a) Colchagua Valley

b) Casablanca

c) North of Santa Cruz

d) Santiago

6.- Why would people say the Carlos Cardoen is crazy?

a) Because he established the museum in Santa Cruz

b) Because he likes gambling

c) Because he didn’t do a market study before he opened the museum

d) Because the price of his wine is too cheap

Last Blog Checkpoint (Nov. 22nd)


Dear students,

The date of the last blog checkpoint has come and for this assessment you will be required to post the following activities:

  • Recount about Valdivia.
  • Descriptive text about Botanic Gardens using “Imagery”.
  • Descriptive text about Chiloé.
  • Answers of listening activity about Siqueiros.
  • South trip glog properly linked.
  • My family glog (Mr. Calderón’s group only)

our Blog Entries will be evaluated in the same way as the previous evaluation. Your posts will be assessed based on this criteria:

A. TASK COMPLETION: Student includes all assignments. (5 pts)

B. LANGUAGE USED: Grammar, spelling, register, and style used are appropriate. (5 pts)

C. CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: Student shows deep knowledge and understanding of the contents by including his own reflections and associations. (5 pts)

D. USE OF MEDIA: Student manages to make his BLOG attractive by using a variety of media resources in his posts (pictures, videos, slideshare presentations, audio, online concept maps, Prezi, etc.) (5 pts)

Total score: 20 pts.


Lab Session – Preparing My South Trip Glogster

Objectives: In today’s session, you will prepare the skeleton of the Glog you will use when you come back from the South Trip. You will also know the assessment criteria we will use to evaluate your work.


1. Go to and log in with your nickname and password.

2. Choose a suitable background for your Glog. Consider the topic you were assigned.

3. Add different bubbles and animations for the texts you will write when you come back. Remember that you will have to transfer the three entries from your Travel Journal and the Meta-cognition Reflection. Animations and images MUST be linked to the South Trip Experience, and in no way can they be distracting or disconnected.

4. Add some pictures and videos you find on the web related to the South of Chile and/or your topic.

5. Include one extra-bubble with the title: “My Expectations before the Trip”. In this bubble, write what you think the trip will be like, what you are eager to see, and your expectations and predictions before we depart. (60 words) You can use the following sentence starters to help you:

On this trip, I’m expecting to see…..

I’m very excited to visit …. because …

I’m really eager to go to … because …

I really hope that …

GLOG: Assessment Criteria (Formative)


A. Content = 10 pts

B. Use of English: 

     1. Grammar = 7 pts

     2. Spelling = 4 pts

     3. Punctuation = 4 pts

     4. Capitalisation = 4 pts

C. Requirements = 7 pts

D. Overall Design = 4 pts

Total Score: 40 pts


Siqueiros: Watching Activity


Before watching you should know:

David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) was among the most famous of all Mexican painters and muralists, ranking alongside the great Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco. Siqueiros was born in Chihuahua and trained at the Escuela Nacional de Belles Artes in Mexico City. He participated in the revival of fresco painting initiated by government sponsorship of murals in public buildings, later creating frescoes in the United States.



  •  Where was Siqueiro´s mural found?
  •  What happened to the mural?
  •  What is the artistic status given to Siquieros in the film?
  •  Who else seemed to have the same artistic status?
  •  What other two murals did Siqueiros paint in L.A.?
  •  What clue (s) did the curators have to find the lost mural again?
  •  Why, according to the film, was the mural hidden for more than70 years?

Siqueiros: The mural in Universidad de Concepción 2

Examine the following mural, which you will visit soon during the trip to the South of Chile, and explain what you think those images express. Jot down your ideas in your notebook, then share your ideas with the class.

You can use these speech markers:

I think that …

It evokes …

The mural symbolises ….

It much shows …

From my perspective …..


* This was your personal interpretation of the mural. In the South you are likely to listen to a different version of it, but …

This is art, a matter of expression and interpretation! Nothing is wrong!